Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia Bifurcata)

Rosebud Farm specialises in the supply of Foxtail Palm seeds, seedlings and mature plants.

The Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia Bifurcata) was first discovered in Australia's World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests in 1981.

These are the world's oldest continually surviving rainforests. They occupy a narrow stretch of terrain along Queensland's north-east coastline and account for approximately 900,000 square hectares of land. They are home to many rare and beautiful species of native palms, including the Foxtail Palm.

The Foxtail is easily recognizable for its sumptuous and bushy 'fox-tail' like palm fronds. Prior to its official 'discovery' in 1981, it was mistaken for another species known as Normanbya normanbyi, and although they are similar in appearance the two palms are not related.

The Foxtail Palm's native habitat is Cape Melville. This is a landscape dominated by granite boulders and is completely exposed to the weather conditions of the coast. The Foxtail is a hardy palm which can thrive in a variety of climates. This species became very popular with commercial and private landscapers and gardeners soon after its discovery; today it can be found flourishing in countries all over the world.

In ideal conditions, Foxtail Palm seeds take six to eight weeks to germinate; this is assuming they are provided with the appropriate levels of heat and humidity.

Rosebud Farm has experimented with germination techniques for the Foxtail Palm since it was first discovered. Trial and error has revealed that the most successful method of germinating Foxtail Palm seeds involves the use of closed containers positioned over heat beds, this ensures the constant maintenance of optimum environmental conditions.

At Rosebud Farm, we thoroughly soak the Foxtail Palm seeds in water before placing them in damp beds of sphagnum moss 'bedding'. The containers are then sealed and placed on benches which are heated to 30°C (84°F); once the first roots have began to emerge from the seeds, the seeds are transplanted into small pots at least 5" (125mm) deep.

Foxtail Palms require a well drained growing medium and flourish with a balanced fertilizer regime coupled with complementary trace elements. Rosebud Farm recommends that potassium and calcium are very important ingredients to ensure strong growth, especially when coming into winter months.

Although Foxtail Palm seeds maintain their viability for months at a time, Rosebud Farm only supplies the freshest seeds to its customers.

Over the years, Rosebud Farm has exported hundreds of thousands of seeds. Prices vary, depending on the importing country and freight rates. It seems that there is some renewed interest in Foxtail Palms, and the world is realising that the best quality seed comes from Australia.

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Foxtail Palm
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Foxtail Seeds

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